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Taimed Hygiene (P) Ltd.was incorporated as on 28thof July 2016 at Delhi on scaling up an idea of improving hygiene by taking inspiration of Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Clean India is responsibility of all 1.25 billion Indians. It’s aims is to address the issue of disinfectant, hygiene and cleanliness arising due to dirtying or desecrating of surroundings by hapless patients and habitual Indians who need to spit for any reasons in India & abroad.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide no compromise quality services, products and value to our customer across the nation. Our inventions targeting patients and healthcare professionals are today appreciated by millions of satisfied customers. Our innovations for better hygiene and health were awarded numerous prizes showing a continuous commitment in the improvement of healthcare and the containment of associated costs.. Our success stems from investing the time to listen, understand and respond to our customers’ hygiene and cleaning needs.

When user Spit, Cough & Vomit the liquid present in the execration comes in the contact of substance and solidify it within few second, Thus locking the odour or any pathogen and chances for spilling.

Better Hygiene:

Cost Killing:

The quantities to be used are reduced to the minimum for an optimal profit
We strongly believe that, considering all the advantages mentioned above, Spitting Glass & Vomit Absorbent Bag would be the solution for Stop Influenza from spreading.