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Theory of Spitting Glass

TAIMED HYGIENE (P) LTD. has come up with Spitting Glass to address the issue of hygiene and cleanliness arising due to dirtying or desecrating of surroundings by hapless patients and habitual Indians who need to spit for any reasons. Spitting Glass for maintaining hygiene and preventing inconvenience. A Product for Habitual Indians and Helpless Patients. It is for general use by pan, Gutkha consumers. The chewed waste, when disposed off in the glass, sticks together in quick time and binds to itself. Educated Citizenry can refer or cajole people to start using this product. Patient relatives can also procure the same. Responsible people can themselves volunteer. All know that there is a problem of stained corners in buildings, streets. The Spitting Glass can travel in car so that none is inconvenienced. The manufacturers caution the public not to throw these glasses directly on roads or in water sewerage system. These must be disposed off in the appropriate device.

 Disposal of the waste and its removal is an important aspect. To keep our country clean and safe is one of the important duties of every citizen. Cleanliness results in safety and disease resistance i.e less prone to diseases. Even the government promotes and bring out various such programmes. “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” is one of the successful efforts by the government in this direction. In our country people mostly use public transport and the buses, trains and most of them used by large mass of people need to be clean and hygienic. While travelling the people are in a habit of spitting and kids and women suffer the travel sickness syndrome. This results in vomiting sensation and most of them result in vomiting. The need was for a system or method by which this waste disposal of spitting and vomiting is easily disposed off. It need to be disposed in such a way that it is least harmful and is safely dumped. “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” is one of the highly appreciated steps and will lead into clean and prosper India. The described Spitting Glass absorbs & deodorizes while it solidifies liquids instantly into an odourless spill-proof gel that won’t leak. This Spitting Glass prevents the spread of pathogenic organism, minimizing risk of cross infection and decreasing cost of waste disposal. . The solidifying process quickly takes place by forming a compact amalgam like while slowing down urea decay process into ammonia, which in the molecule is responsible for smell. This physical isolation reduces the air oxidation of the obtained gelatinous mass and limits the risk of germs spreading.


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