SPITTING JAR is a Super Absorbent Products

Taimed Hygiene Pvt Ltd create a revolutionary products created to solve a wide range of health and safety issues. It is absorbent jar implement in our products range and quickly absorbs liquids and converts them into a manageable gel for simple and safe disposal.It is very effective and simple to apply. It requires no special skills or training in use – making it ideal in almost every kind of industrial, commercial or professional and domestic health care situation.

Wherever there is a spillage or hazardous liquid- reach for our products range and contain it!

Ideal for absorbing large spills, vomit, blood, mucus and other medical waste. In urinals, bed pans and other receptacles use  to ensure swift and certain absorption of unwanted liquids.Ideal for absorbing large spills, vomit, blood, mucus and other medical waste.

  • Prevents the spread of infection
  • Reduces nurses’ workload
  • Saves laundry costs
  • Improves patient dignity
  • Gives peace of mind to frontline staff and patients

An Aid to Infection Control

It is  stabilises bodily fluids into an easily transportable, semi-solid gel, reducing the risk of spills.


  • žUsed and recommended while travelling in any manner, it has the same advantages as the other products of the range and avoids every year to users clean their buckets.
  • žThankless and Unhygienic task.
  • žUsed as a replacement for the Cough patient or having walking disability(no reversal, no smell).
  • žDiscreet and practical at home or during transport/travelling.

SPITTING JAR is Widely Use in Following Products: