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September 21 2017 0Comment


Ideal for absorbing large spills & vomit residue Prevents the spread of infection. Reduces nurses’ workload. Saves laundry costs. Improves patient dignity. Gives peace of mind to frontline Doctor’s/Staff and patients. Does not ensure spilling as they hold the vomit in the same form.   Handling the bowl after vomit is a mess for Ward […]

September 21 2017 0Comment

Theory of Spitting Glass

TAIMED HYGIENE (P) LTD. has come up with Spitting Glass to address the issue of hygiene and cleanliness arising due to dirtying or desecrating of surroundings by hapless patients and habitual Indians who need to spit for any reasons. Spitting Glass for maintaining hygiene and preventing inconvenience. A Product for Habitual Indians and Helpless Patients. […]

April 06 2015 0Comment

Technical Benifits of Products

VOMIT ABSORBENT BAG Should be made up of Thick Paper Quality. Should be a capacity of 1000ml with absorbent Capacity 600ml. Should be suitable for bed patients in pre/post operative rooms. Should be ISO Certified product. Should be Solidifying Spit/Vomit/Urinal residue within seconds to prevent spread of infection with eliminates the smell. Should be provided […]