About Us


Taimed Hygiene (P) Ltd.was incorporated as on 28thof July 2016 at Delhi on scaling up an idea of improving hygiene by taking inspiration of Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Clean India is responsibility of all 1.25 billion Indians. It’s aims  is to address the issue of disinfestations, hygiene and cleanliness arising due to dirtying or desecrating of surroundings by hapless patients and habitual Indians who need to spit for any reasons in India & abroad. So we are manufacturing hygiene products as mention below:-

Manufacturing Technology behind the core offering: 

 Absorbent Disc is an innovative product created to solve a wide range of health and safety issues. That dry disc quickly absorbs liquids and converts them into a manageable, gel for simple and safe disposal. Absorbent Disc is very effective and simple to apply. It requires no special skills or training in use – making it ideal in almost every kind of industrial, commercial or professional and domestic health care situation. Deal for absorbing large spills, vomit, blood, mucus and other medical waste.

User can spit/ vomit without the fear of spilling or Odor. When user Spit, Cough & Vomit the liquid present in the execration comes in the contact of substance and solidify it within few second, Thus locking the odors or any pathogen and chances for spilling.

We are pleased to introduce Taimed Hygiene Pvt Ltd, a company formed with the intention of serving the Hygiene care products. Our endeavor is to deliver simple yet robust solutions to healthcare facilities.

Spitting Glass & Vomiting Absorbent Bag is the Solution to control Influenza bacteria due to Spreading Saliva & Vomiting in hospitals.The Spitting Glass & Vomiting Absorbent Bag is a unique product that provides a fast and easy way to prevent such types of diseases.Deadly infections spread through such medium spitting is rampant in hospitals. When we do so, we don’t realize that we are spreading a number diseases and infections among people. Today inspite of medical advancement tuberculosis is on the rise. A deadly infection like swine flu probably became uncontrollable in our country because of the pernicious practice. People aren’t aware that saliva contains bacteria. Through evaporation, they permeate into the air and then enter into the respiratory system of a healthy person. Moreover people also have some myths that if fluids are generated when they cough, they must spit them out.

When user Spit, Cough & Vomit the liquid present in the execration comes in the contact of substance and solidify it within few second, Thus locking the odour or any pathogen and chances for spilling.

 Better Hygiene:

  • Limits the risk of crossed contamination
  • Eliminates the smells.

Sustainable Development:

  • Limits the water consumption
  • Reduces the Cost of cleaning and disinfection products.

Cost Killing:

  • Less time spent for cleaning.
  • The quantities to be used are reduced to the minimum for an optimal profit

We strongly believe that, considering all the advantages mentioned above, Spitting Glass & Vomit Absorbent Bag would be the solution for Stop Influenza from spreading.